LED Lenser Head Torch Seo5 (Black) – A single – Black

LED Lenser Seo5 chapter Torch (Black) – A single – Black

=  LED Lenser Head Torch Seo5 (Black) - One - Black ul li Superior Emphasis Technique – two modes – consistent mild circle (out of focus) / / lengthy length concentrated beam (targeted)

  • Smart Light-weight Technologies – Distinct conditions get in touch with for distinct lighting. Optimized attributes can assist to adapt to different situations, which includes supporting to control energy use
  • substantial degree of comfort -. Lower fat – 105 g (3.2 oz)
  • Transportation Lock – Offers a lamp is not accidentally turned on or off
  • Crimson Glare LED – .. Beneficial to maintain night time vision
  • Search engine marketing 7R is rechargeable, LED Lenser headlamp that is fantastically comfy, and are made to provide outstanding efficiency, no matter what your demands. With the help of innovative technologies and smart-Light emphasis, making it possible for adaptation to the atmosphere. Extra functions include a transportation lock gentle does not flip on / off unintentionally. Chapter Rotary invitations the capacity to fine-tune the target on what you want and just ninety grams, the bodyweight will not assist you possibly. When compared to

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