GScraper URL Finder And Automatic Poster Software

GScraper URL Finder is the ultimate scraper on search engine that based on your footprints and keywords, it can harvest tens of thousands of related URLs in just minutes and filter them according to your preferences. You do not have to difficult to separate the source of the list, because this software give tools for tips when we want to scrape. And when you have the list of source, then you can start to make it with links! Easy! Let’s see how that works.

Scraping Options

This software will give you some help to scrape from various types like videos, blogs, web, news, books, or patents. An additional function allows you to set the time span from which to search for these types and also choose their language! If you’re confusing about the keywords you want to use, then you can use the built-in Keyword Scraper tool that can give you a big list of keyword that ready to use. Just type in or import your keywords and search for relate ones.

Footprints and Keywords

Footprints and Keywords are the key points that you should enter into GScraper URL Finder to find what you need. Merging both of them is one of the important think that the program can work to scrape the gigantic chunks of data. GScraper comes with a big list of the most common words used in English, so that should simplify the keyword part. But what about footprints? You can import large lists of footprints instead of filling single lines.

You Need to Manage Your Lists – “Can Do!”, says GScraper

GScraper URL Finder have tools to removing duplicates, IP domain URL or root domain URLs – and that’s all part of the software. You can trim your list to domain or TLD or even to last path, and check the PageRank on your list, checking how much Outbound links of each of the website, titles Alexa ranking etc. All your lists can be exported as URL lists or .csv lists with added information. You can check “nofollow” too and Filter Your List Accordingly.

If you finish on searching, then you can filter out the websites that have a large “nofollow” count in their outbound links to ensure the quality of your backlinks. The “nofollow” count will appear if you check the title and OBL and this will help you to found the quality website to make backlinks.

Additional List Managing Capabilities

The software deletes the URLs that don’t fit to your preferred categories or, for example, have a too low PageRank or too high “nofollow” link count. You get it with easy and you do not have have more spent time to split and test it. The software determines where you can post.

Some sites maybe require a CAPTCHA test, and this is what you need to do, you can filter your list so you can use automatic link posting on some sites and manual posting on other sites that have CAPTCHA. GScraper URL Finder has the trackback functionality and can help you find AA lists. You can also expand the URL list for a domain, if you choose. This function enables you to find more pages where you can post.

Get Notified!

When all the scraping is done, GScraper URL Finder will automatically send you an email.


Since GScraper runs at very high speeds, it needs a lot of proxy servers for fuel. You can either use your own or use the proxies in the GScraper database. The proxy service will cost you extra, but it’s well worth the money if you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding proxies yourself.


You can get GScraper for $38. It’s a low cost, considering the fact that you’ll get a lifetime of free support and upgrades, plus a free seven-day proxy service.


The bottom line is: get it. It’s cheap and useful, so why pass it up?

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