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As is this case with most of our society’s stranger fixations, Insane Clown Posse is little understood outside of its core Juggalo fan base. To the average onlooker, or anyone who might somehow stumble upon pictures of ICP or Juggalo pics might have no idea as to why white rappers painted as wicked clowns are rapping, and rapping very successfully at that. To start, where does the wicked clown paint come from?  


The History of ICP’s Wicked Clown Paint


It’s no secret that the wicked clown paint seen in pictures of ICP (whether they’re Juggalo pics or media pics) is responsible for much of ICP’s fame and fortune. The act would not have caught on nearly as well if they were just two normal rappers from Detroit without the infamous wicked clown paint.


Before ICP stood for Insane Clown Posse, it stood for Inner City Posse, which was the rap group Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J were a part of before it went defunct and they formed the new ICP. This was before there were any Juggalo pics or pictures of ICP wearing the wicked clown paint. That comes next.


The old ICP decided to name the new ICP after a dream in which Violent J saw an Insane Clown running around the streets of Delray, a neighborhood in southern Detroit. Not only did this dream lead the group to name its new band Insane Clown Posse, but they also decided to don wicked clown paint after the success their old hype man had doing the same.


It’s crazy to think about this one dream having such an impact on the world. Because of it, not only has the Insane Clown Posse gone on to conquer the horror rap landscape, but Juggalo pics and other pictures of ICP as wicked clowns have gone viral. In fact, it’s next to impossible to find a Juggalo pic or picture of ICP anywhere without Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope wearing the wicked clown paint.


Pictures of ICP doing other things while still maintaining the wicked clown persona are everywhere. For example, pictures of ICP giving artist seminars to fans, pictures of ICP performing, and even pictures of ICP giving interviews are not hard to find. If you’re interested in the take Juggalo fans have on the ICP paint, just Google “Juggalo pics” and you’ll get tons of results. Some Juggalo pics show an exact imitation of the real wicked clown paint, and others take liberty with their design.


Pictures of ICP or Juggalo pics, one thing is for sure: you’ll never be let down looking at pictures of ICP or Juggalo pics on the Internet. Fun, artistic, terrifying, you name the adjective and you can find clown paint paint to match! 

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When you want to book your seats to a new show, you might not look forward to standing in long lines just to purchase your Wicked tickets, and this is why it is important to consider some of the other options that are available to you. Many avid theatre fans are now choosing to get their Wicked tickets online, and you might want to consider this option if you want to ensure that you get some of the best sears in the house the next time this performance comes to town. Before you make use of this online service, however, you will first want to start out by finding a great internet-based ticket agent, as they can make all of the difference when it comes to making this task as simple as possible.


A sales agent that is serious about customer service is also one that you can rely on when you need to purchase Wicked tickets, and this is why they are worth considering the next time you would like to book your seats to this particular show. The last thing you’ll want is to purchase your tickets only to find that your seats have been sold to someone else, and a reliable ticket agent will ensure that this does not happen. By reading through reviews from previous customers and finding out what theatre fans think about a specific agent, you will be able to make up your mind about whether they are right for you.


Another benefit of turning to a great agent when you need to obtain Wicked tickets is the fact that they usually have promotions and specials running throughout the year, so you might just be able to book seats to this performance at a fraction of the usual cost. It is important that you keep your eyes open for great deals, however, since they tend to get snatched up by avid theatre fans rather quickly, and you won’t want to lose out simply because you waited too long to make a purchase.


In the end, if you enjoy watching stage performances, you’ll probably want to sign up with an online ticket agent, since this is the easiest method of booking your seats. When you register with one of these sites, you won’t even have to leave home to choose and pay for your Wicked tickets, and this makes them more than worth your while.

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EXCLUSIVE: The smash hit stage musical Wicked is taking its first formative steps toward the movie screen. I’m told the musical’s producer Marc Platt, book writer Winnie Holzman, and songwriter Stephen Schwartz have begun meeting with filmmakers.

Insiders confirm that JJ Abrams, James Mangold, Ryan Murphy, and Rob Marshall are among the directors who’ve met or otherwise thrown their hat in the ring. More meetings will take place when the musical’s authors come to town in the fall. The film will be made at Universal, which produced the stage musical with Platt.

After the billion dollar gross of Alice In Wonderland, studios are combing their fairy tale books for classics. It’s crowded on the Oz front Disney attached Sam Raimi to The Great and Powerful Oz, and Warner Bros has more than one film in development. But the 2 billion in global stage grosses for Wicked put it in league with Mamma Mia!, the long-running stage musical whose movie transfer grossed over 600 million worldwide for Universal.

Wicked, a Wizard of Oz prequel, is based on the Gregory Maguire novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West and focuses on the early relationship between Glinda the Good and Elphaba, a green-skinned beauty before she ended up flying on a broomstick. Wicked began as a movie development project with Platt and Universal, before they changed course and took it to the stage first. It was an immediate sensation, quickly recouping its $14 million capitalization in 2004 and becoming one of the biggest grossing tuners of all time, with the Broadway show and eight touring companies.

The Broadway musical routinely tops the weekly gross charts 1.4 million per week is average, but the musical has broken the 2 million mark more than once. The musical shows no signs of winding down, the reason its architects haven’t been in a rush to mount a movie until now.

As for the directors on the list, Abrams is an intriguing choice despite never having done a musical (he’s composed themes for several of his series’ creations). Knight and Day director Mangold is also a musical newcomer, though he directed the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. Murphy has put himself on the musical map with Glee, on which he’s not only exec producer but executive music producer.

Marshall has the lengthiest musical resume having directed and choreographed Annie and the Oscar-winning Chicago. But he is coming off the misfire Nine, a film that had Platt among its producers.

The movie can’t come soon enough for Universal, which has several musicals in the works. The studio is trying to mount a Mamma Mia! sequel, is eye-ing a new version of Billy Elliot based on the successful stage musical (Universal is one of its producers). The studio is also working on a movie transfer of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights, recently hiring Kenny Ortega aboard as director and choreographer. Ortega directed the High School Musical trilogy and the Michael Jackson docu This Is It.

TuneCore Artist Milestone Infographic

Disclaimer :

  • “This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.”

TuneCore Artist Milestone Infographic giving us information about how much the artist earn money with TuneCore as biggest digital music distribution on internet. in Q3 of 2014, TuneCore Artist Earning become $32.7 million, this is a fantastic number for the artist which join with TuneCore.

The artist which joined with TuneCore come to from all genres like rock, pop, hip-hop, country and more, and getting more music heard by more people. This is a good chance for the other artist to join with TuneCore company and they can start to spread and distribute their music into all over the world.

This is the image information about TuneCore Artist Milestone Infographic below :

artist_milestones_2014_middle2In that image, there are comment from RedFoo, Hip-Hop artist, that said,”TuneCore gave me the confidence to start my independent label, Party Rock. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! TuneCore is my Thang!”

This make reason because TuneCore connecting with millions of music fans from over the world and especially with them which connect with Internet, so this will be easier for them to use TuneCore and know the information about TuneCore Artist Milestone Infographic

New Feature From TuneCore Called Youtube Money

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  • “This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.”


tunecoreYoutube as biggest video channel will be the one of the music distribution from TuneCore called Youtube Money. When you release your video or your music, especially to launch your album for your fans, TuneCore will help you to collect the money for you so you do not have to confuse about the money.

If your video have an ads from Youtube, then you can start to generate revenue from Youtube Money and you do not have doing anything because TuneCore will take care of your money and you can get the report and the money.

Youtube Money will start to identifies and collect the money for and will send and deposit the money directly into your account so you will have the money into your account. What you have to do is, you just select what channel or what tracks that you want to monetize, and then TuneCore will do the rest without any problem. So this is why the new feature from TuneCore called Youtube Money.

Fat Burning Foods For Women For Belly

While most people think that belly exercises is the only way to lose belly fat, and there are a huge number of products and services available these days that target the belly fat. An increasing number of studies have shown that if you want to reduce your cholesterol levels, prevent diabetes, or have a healthy heart, you should get rid of the fat around your belly. But the question in your mind is probably how to lose belly fat. Here is one answer. Consider changing the food that you eat. Yes, indeed, there are foods that can help you lose weight and get rid of the stomach fat.



Try to exercise everyday or at least three times per week to build on endurance and strength.

1. Do Exercises


Try doing cardio exercises or aerobic workouts for 30-45 minutes per session in order to maximize benefits. Stopping after only 20 minutes will not do you any good, as considerable fat loss will only kick in when glycogen supply goes way down.


2. Have a good diet


Remember that even if you are performing cardio work, results can never be achieved if you do not have a good diet. Fat loss is calculated at 50% nutrition and 50% exercise.


Take note that even if you work out for a considerable amount of time, this will be all for naught if your calorie intake remains higher compared to what you lose.

3. Have breakfast regularly


Not only with a hearty breakfast start your day on a positive note but it will jumpstart your metabolism. Remember that you did not eat anything during the duration of your sleep and it is likely that your stomach is empty. Having no energy will make you feel sluggish.

4. Ban salty food


Always take note that salt absorbs water. If you want to reduce your belly fat, it is advisable to consume food that is low or free of salt. If your body holds less water, you’ll be able to achieve a leaner frame in no time.


How to Reduce a Fat Stomach?


However, if you already have a fat belly, the best option is to follow a healthy weight loss diet, combined with fitness exercises such as aerobics (to burn extra calories) and a stomach-toning workout to help tighten and strengthen abdominal muscles. That said, reducing a fat stomach takes time – especially if you are an apple-shape. Despite what commercials say, there is no diet-plan or type of exercise that can “target” your fat stomach. So please don’t get impatient.


Belly reduction


Many people are keen on knowing how to lose belly fat because the fat that is stored deeper in the bodies in areas such as the abdomen is known as visceral fat. This fat is known to affect ones health adversely and can even interfere with the correct functioning of the liver. A belly fat diet mainly aims at a reduction in the fat that accumulates in the stomach area of the body as this fat tends to affect the processing of cholesterol adversely and also exposes one to the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancer.


Find powerful herbal remedies

Yoga DVD for Weight Loss


The main purpose of fat is to regulate the temperature of the body and to also provide some sort of shock absorption to the organs and the bones. Many people also tend to take up yoga to reduce belly fat and for overall weight loss. One of the first steps of belly reduction is to follow a belly fat diet which eliminates all sorts of junk and unhealthy foods such as candies, fats foods, processed foods and those foods that contain refined flour.


In summary, attaining reducing belly fat is difficult especially for those that are fat most of their lives. It will take a large amount of discipline to exercise everyday and keep a balance diet. However, anything can be achieved, as long there is a conscious effort to improve.

Fat Burning Food Combinations

Diet is the most important aspect that should be considered to burn fat quickly. Many times people are misled by the different weight loss programs which give the wrong food combinations on the pretext that they help to burn extra fat. However, it is necessary to take a balanced diet so that the calories in the body are burned down with maximum efficiency.

You can opt for the biggest loser diet plans that are available online. They are used by the contestants of the reality show The Biggest Loser. The biggest loser DVD and the biggest loser recipe are also available which will provide you more information about the diet plan and exercise regime for shedding your extra weight.

Some food combinations that will help you to burn extra fat are described below:

There are certain food stuffs to be included in the diet which provides a boost to the metabolism activity in the body to burn fat. They are cabbage, oatmeal, peppers, lemons and carrots.

The biggest loser diet plan includes four servings of fruits and vegetables, three servings of protein, two serving of whole grains and one extra sweet. This diet plan is also known as 4-3-2-1 the biggest loser pyramid. This diet plan is very helpful because it burns down the calories that you eat. If you are opting for this diet, you have to take care of the following aspects such as your meals and exercise. You need to stay active and eat a healthy breakfast regularly. Another alternative is to opt for the seven day diet plan of the biggest loser.

The combination of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats in your diet helps to burn fat. You have to take note of certain points such as five to six meals daily and avoid foodstuffs such as processed food and sugar. Plan out a specific plan with the combination of these group such as carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein.

There are some other ways also for burning extra fat by regular exercise. You can consult a doctor before opting for any of these diet plans and exercise regime. Hence while opting for any diet plan make sure to complete it and check out the results.

These food combinations help you to increase the rate of metabolism in the body and help you to lose weight. Thus, the above mentioned food combinations would help you to burn extra fat and remain healthy.